Funky Brush Bed from TransFunk Lasers

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Funky Brush Bed from TransFunk Lasers - Large / Wood is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Whether you are a professional furniture painter or a complete novice, you will know the feeling of juggling brushes when your creative juices start to flow. Do you balance the ones not in use awkwardly on the lid of your paint pot, watching them roll onto the floor just as you turn your back? Or rest them on a piece of newspaper which then sticks to the brush when you pick it up? Or maybe you have a brush in each hand and one in your mouth? Yes, we all do it!

Well, not anymore! Manufactured at chez TransFunk in East Sussex and made from either wood or acrylic in two different sizes, the Funky Brush Bed is the perfect painting companion. The large bed has three different shaped rests for different sized brushes and the mini bed is perfect for smaller artistic brushes when doing detailed work. They are also perfect for drying your brushes out after you've cleaned them.

The coolest thing is that they can be customised with your logo or some special wording for the ultimate gift! (Remember to "gift" one to yourself as well).
Large - 18.5 cm x 24.5 cm
mini - 12 cm x 12 cm