Bartoline Clean Spirit 750ml

0.85 kg

Bartoline Clean Spirit is an excellent alternative to using traditional white spirit, or other specialist chemical cleaners for cleaning paint brushes, rollers and other decorating tools. Use for removing both standard solvent-borne and modern water-borne decorative paints, even difficult coatings like Zinsser BIN.

Bartoline Clean Spirit is virtually odourless, non-flammable, and readily biodegradeable. Leaves brushes conditioned and ready to use again. Remove as much excess paint from tools as possible. Then immerse tools in liquid, remove and work liquid into tool to release paint. You may need to leave brushes to soak for a few hours, or overnight, especially where paints have hardened, only cover the bristles, not the stock. Repeat if necessary, always using fresh Clean Spirit.

NOTE: Clean Spirit is not a replacement for white spirit used for thinning solvent-borne paints. It is only a cleaner, and should not be used for thinning paints.