Crackle Texture

0.36 kg

Get that gorgeous, aged, cracked paint look with ease using Fusion Crackled Texture. Simply apply as a base coat, let dry, then paint over the top.

Please note this product is
not a ‘crackle glaze’, which is usually used between paint coat colours to crack the top colour. The cracking occurs in the crackle texture itself, then you paint over the top and use tinted waxes/glazed/colour washes, to accentuate the cracks.

Crackled Texture is made of the same high quality ingredients as Fusion Mineral Paint and will stick to almost anything that Fusion does. For larger, thicker cracks, apply a thick layer of Crackled Texture. For smaller details, brush the product into a thin layer (not too thin, though, or your cracks won’t be visible).

– Non-toxic
– Virtually Zero VOCs
– Easy to use
– Exceptional coverage
– Matte finish
– Easy way to obtain weathered, rustic look
– Does not need to be painted over
– Does not need a top coat – however may be recommended if using on a high traffic high water surface such as a coffee table. Any top coat like Tough Coat or Stain & Finishing Oil can be used.

Stir before using. Apply to a horizontal surface for best results. Apply an even layer with a spreading tool. This product is self-levelling. Tap to settle air bubbles. Thicker application will result in larger, more defined cracking. Spreading will result in smaller cracking.
Allow to dry and crack, paint over the top in your chosen shade, then use accenting products to accentuate the cracks.

DO NOT MIX PAINT with this product or no cracking will occur.

Dry time: 6-12 hours. Cure time: 21 days

SIZE: 250ml