Kip Ultra Low Tack Masking Tape 24mm x 50m

0.105 kg

KIP Washi-Tec Purple Fineline Masking Tape (209) is a new UV-resistant interior wallpaper masking tape. It's the lowest tack masking tape yet produced by KIP.  It uses a clever super low-tack adhesive, with exceptionally clean removal, from even the most delicate of surfaces such as wallpaper, wallcoverings, freshly painted and lacquered surfaces. Adhesive Strength to Steel: 8 . The thin, flat-backed paper tape ensures sharp paint edges on flat surfaces. It's super low-tack adhesive is ideal for carefully protecting freshly painted surfaces where you want to minimise the risk of pulling any paint off when removing the tape.

  • Upto 8 week release indoors
  • Clean removal
  • Delicate Surfaces
  • Natural rubber adhesive