Rust in a Jar - Base liquid mixer

0.35 kg

The Autentico Rust base the starting point to creating Rust effects

AUTENTICO RUST IN A JAR is a part of the CREATIVE POWDER range and it

consists of three highly pigmented powders to create truly stunning rust effects

on walls, furniture, lamp bases, candle holders, without the need of using

dangerous corrosive ingredients.

RUST IN A JAR can be used on walls or on furniture, lamp bases and such



In the illusion of rust, this is the last layer. Mix 1 part of RUST powder with 1 part of Autentico RUST BASE. The result is a thick and grainy paste. Apply by brush in an irregular pattern on top and overlapping the other patches. Only cover parts of the prior layers. While the paste is still wet, apply dry powder of DARK RUST in the patches of DARK RUST paste. Let dry and enjoy your work