Salad Bowl Wax by Homestead House

0.125 kg

 Our Wax is absolutely stunning to work with!

Goes on like butter. It is soft and smooth. Easy to apply, it provides a durable finish with a beautiful lustre and has almost no odour.

This food safe wood finish provides a lovely satin sheen on cutting boards.

A little goes a long way.  Apply Hemp Oil before Salad Bowl Finish for longer lasting results.


Use a clean cotton cloth or brush to apply wax in a thin layer, working into recesses of carved details or surface imperfections. Wipe away excess. Allow it to dry for 3-5 minutes. Buff to a shine with a clean lint-free cotton cloth.

If wood is very dry, apply Hemp Oil prior to Salad Bowl Finish for a rich, longer lasting finish.

Heavy use items may need reapplication after 2 months. Reapply for low wear items every 1-2 years.


NEW MILK PAINT....This is the product to be used for creating the the unique' Chippy' look!