Toupret lightweight filler

0.4 kg
Color: White 1ltr

Prestonett Ready Mixed Interior/Exterior Wood Filler is a ready mixed fibreglass reinforced filler, available in 4 tint colours: White, Natural, Medium, and Dark. Fills nicely, and sands easily. Takes stain and varnish well. Suitable for use on most surfaces such as doors, window frames, skirting and floors etc. Available in 125ml squeezable tubes.

Application: Massage tube before application. Work the filler into the repair and leave slightly proud for sanding. For deep repairs fill in two or more layers. Once dry, sand, then stain, varnish or paint to protect. Application Thickness: Maximum 5mm thick per application. Drying Time: minimum 1-4 hours, depending on substrate, temperature, humidity and thickness of application.