Zinsser BIN Brush Cleaner/Restorer

0.6 kg

Zinsser BIN Brush Restorer and Cleaner effectively breaks down and removes dried and hardened paints and coatings from all our paint brushes, restoring both bristle and synthetic filament paint brushes.

Zinsser BIN brush cleaner is suitable for cleaning and removing all decorative paints (shellac, solvent and water-based paints and varnishes) from brushes. Although it is not suitable for removing two-pack paints.

Shake brush cleaner thoroughly. Decant into a suitable container, then soak brushes in the liquid for a maximum of 4 hours, agitating periodically to loosen, and removing any excess dried-on paint before reimmersing into the brush cleaner until your bruses are clean. Then IMMEDIATELY rinse your brushes thoroughly under warm (but not hot) running water to remove cleaning liquid, shake off excess water, and hang the brush up to dry.

NOTE: DO NOT EXCEED 4 HOURS CONTACT WITH LIQUID - as damage could occur to your brushes; Brush cleaner and restorer may remove colour from filament or bristle.